Nic Cuthbert

Marathon swimmer, surf life saver and wannabe adventurer, Nic Cuthbert has swam oceans and conquered deserts while pursing his dreams. In 2009 along with best mate Matt Sladden, he cycled over 16,000km in six months to complete a full circumnavigation of Australia and in doing so raised money for and awareness of youth suicide and mental health issues.

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The Cause

ActionAid work in partnership with over 2,000 organisations - from small community groups to national alliances and international networks - to address the root causes of poverty, not just the effects.

Poverty is a denial and violation of human rights. At the heart of ActionAid's work lies the core belief in each human being's fundamental right to food, shelter, work, education, health care and a voice in the decisions that shape their lives.

Poverty and injustice can only be eradicated when the world's poor and vulnerable people are able to claim their rights and take charge of their own lives.

For this reason, ActionAid do not impose solutions. Their approach is unique. They work with communities over time, using their resources, skills, knowledge and networks to strengthen the communities own efforts to end poverty.

ActionAid also gives a voice to the poor and marginalised by taking their fight to those in power. They campaign at the local, national and international level to achieve lasting change.