Nic Cuthbert

Marathon swimmer, surf life saver and wannabe adventurer, Nic Cuthbert has swam oceans and conquered deserts while pursing his dreams. In 2009 along with best mate Matt Sladden, he cycled over 16,000km in six months to complete a full circumnavigation of Australia and in doing so raised money for and awareness of youth suicide and mental health issues.

In 2012 and setting his sights outside the “big island”, Nic is attempting an overland expedition of grand proportions, motorcycling 35,000km from Singapore to London. For four months and travelling through 30 countries, Nic aims to explore some of the world’s most diverse cultures in both the busiest and remotest areas on earth. In doing so he hopes to inspire others to live their dreams, whatever and where ever that may be.

In the end all you really have is your story...