Nic Cuthbert

Marathon swimmer, surf life saver and wannabe adventurer, Nic Cuthbert has swam oceans and conquered deserts while pursing his dreams. In 2009 along with best mate Matt Sladden, he cycled over 16,000km in six months to complete a full circumnavigation of Australia and in doing so raised money for and awareness of youth suicide and mental health issues.

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The Ride

Singapore and London are worlds apart. Or are they?

On 24 March, 2012, Australian adventurer Nic Cuthbert sets off to find out.

Travelling by land Nic will set out to achieve a rarely accomplished feat, motorcycling from and to the opposite ends of the largest continental landmass, from Asia to Britain, from A to B.

4 months, 30 countries, 11 time zones, 35,000km, one epic adventure...

In “getting from A to B” Nic will journey through some of the most rugged landscapes and unforgiving urban environments the Earth has to offer, from the jungles of the Thai highlands, to the heights and icy cold of the Himalayas, the dusty bustle of Kolkatta, the desert frontiers of the Pakistan/Iranian/Indian borders and everything in between.

Supporting the work and fundraising for ActionAid Nic will be aiming to explore humanity through some of the world’s most diverse cultures whilst visiting locations in which the work of ActionAid is making a real difference to human life in attempting to Make Poverty History. Arriving in London in time for the 2012 Olympics, fromA2B will also showcase and create awareness of sustainable travel and responsible tourism. In travelling by motorbike, camping, staying in local guesthouses or couch surfing, eating locally and supporting local businesses Nic hopes to inspire others to go the long way, enjoy the ride and help those in need create self dependence and without affecting our world's pristine natural environments.